Either it is or it isn’t

Yes, there are parts of life that are shades of gray. But, in the seconds, we choose either to step away or step toward a goal—black and white.

That’s enough sappy thoughtful crap. What I’m getting at is there is a hefty living to be made at all of this “self help” stuff. A person can write books, plays, movies, produce DVDs, all telling people a new method of “realizing” their goals.

And it’s all BS. Either what a person is doing at this very minute is or isn’t bringing him/her closer to whatever. It absolutely blows my mind how much effort we all put in to not accomplishing anything. People buy up those self-help things by the millions, like someone else telling you to do something is more convincing than your own voice.

Diet? Please. Grapefruit and Kiwi, five times a day? Nothing but shakes and well wishes? Bah! What are you doing this very second to burn calories, tone muscle, etc? Get down on the ground and do some sit-ups. Put shoes on and go run. Seriously. Right now. Map your daily meals, cut back on the crap. What’s the big deal?

Writing a book? One page at a time, friends. Figure out the steps that need to happen to write the damn thing and start. What’s the wait for?

Getting a degree? Obsessing about the mountain won’t shrink it. Worry doesn’t wear through stone. What have you done in the past five days to get you closer to the degree–to the top?

IRA? Investments? It’s not THAT complicated. Pick up a book, do some reading. Let’s go! Compound interest waits for no man!

I spend waaay too much time on idle. There is waaay too much to do or that can be done.

So, for those who still need some motivational-type speaking, here’s something for free:

Either your life is or isn’t what you want. If it isn’t, figure out what you want and do it. Go get it.

So much of being considered extraordinary is just doing the ordinary well. We spend a lot of time dreaming, waiting for someone to carry us across the street, when others just walk.

What’s so amazing about someone who has achieved what you want to achieve? Are they geniuses? Genetically enhanced super-people? I doubt it. Odds are, they just picked up a book, or started moving forward.

I’ll make a pledge to the Internets and all therein: I’ll do more.

The world doesn’t need anymore Never-has, Could-have-been, or Thinking-about-it’s; let’s go!

Besides, life is in the journey, not the destination.

With that, I’m going to work on this damned research paper I’ve put off.


About salemonz

Born in San Diego, Calif. Raised as a Navy Brat, I jumped ship and crossed over to the Army. Served as an enlisted journalist for a bunch of years, then helped the DoD figure out what the hell to do with social media. After the Army, now I drift down the river of life, trying not to be a jerk.

6 responses to “Either it is or it isn’t”

  1. Felyne says :

    Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.

    And Josh Salmons if you call a Kiwifruit a Kiwi again I will slap you. No really, I WILL slap you. Hard. How’s that for some motivation?


  2. Joshua says :

    Oh whoops! My bad.

  3. wilsonian says :

    …this all works, unless what you’re looking for is to be more mellow and full of peace… just sayin’. 😉

  4. Joshua says :

    Very true. I suppose you would just pursue mellowness with extreme intensity 😉

  5. hynes says :

    Mos ‘def agreed man. It’s what my wife did with our finances and in within the next six months we’ll have unloaded over $50K in personal debt in 16 months. I joined a gym today. Goodbye you menacing 20 pounds.

  6. Joshua says :

    Nice, congrats brotha!

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