ok, for serious

Ok, we need a goal here — a tangible goal that we can work toward, something we can set our minds to.

You tell us we need to accomplish X amount of Y and you’ll let us come home.

Percent of government formed, percent of military equipped, number of Pepsi machines on the street corners…something!

No, no, I mean it. How much do we have left to do before all’s great and we can go help secure the Texan border? A lot of us would be game for a deployment or two in the states!

Cause…all we’re really doing here is just hanging out. Sure we run supplies, but it’s just to get us through tomorrow. And then tomorrow we’ll run supplies to get us through the next day. We get the pattern. Wait and see.

And we wouldn’t mind going home.

You know? Home? Grass. Shopping malls. $50 for a tank of gas. Stuff. Maybe even a weekend or something, if that’s cool.



Okay, but we’re getting a little tired. Just wanted to ask.

Have fun with C.S.I. and Olive Garden. We’ll just…well, chill for a bit, I guess.


About salemonz

Born in San Diego, Calif. Raised as a Navy Brat, I jumped ship and crossed over to the Army. Served as an enlisted journalist for a bunch of years, then helped the DoD figure out what the hell to do with social media. After the Army, now I drift down the river of life, trying not to be a jerk.

9 responses to “ok, for serious”

  1. ZNB says :

    Yeah seriously. They need a goal in place. How come no one suggested this before?~!

  2. Herman says :

    God bless you Josh. Everyone in America should be reading this blog.

  3. JHearne says :

    hey! great idea. A plan… I like this “plan” you speak of.

  4. BWJones says :

    OK Sgt., what is it that you would like that is currently unavailable in the sandbox?

  5. Beth* A. says :

    Yeah I get it. You can swim a long time in the ocean if you can see that you are actually making progress towards that island in the distance. No island in sight? Then you’re just treading water…for who knows how long. Or why.
    It’s called the motivating factor for a reason.
    I understand that the military can’t be completely open about ALL their goals for Iraq, but sharing a bit more with you guys on the ground might be wise.

  6. Salmons says :

    BW, I’m good on stuff, thanks 😉 I just miss home. 9-5, five days a week, weekends, getting in a car and driving, stopping by a store just to look…stuff like that.

    But thanks for offering 😉

    Beth: Yeah, we don’t need to know state secrets, but as in the business management world, having “short wins” (i.e. small goals that keep people focused) helps boost morale.

    This whole “stay the course” mantra wears thin after a few years, and I’m sure will be even thinner 10 years from now.

  7. Kenny says :

    Mission: Bring America to Iraq. 1st goal: convert a majority of Iraqis to Christianty. This must be done the Middle east way: threaten with death. After they’ve been baptized and purchased rock band equipment, but just before they start building church buildings with money they don’t have, begin goal 2: convert them back to Islam. This must be done the American way: threaten them with death. The rich will build palaces and get the poor to blame their poverty on the USA for not giving the rich enough money to build palaces and feed the poor. Then the poor will remember all of those pot luck dinners they had when they were Christians and how the girls would come to the worship services wearing short skirts and $100 high heels and realize the rich are as evil as those Americans who forced us into Christianity then forced us to reconvert. Then they will realize that if there were no rich people then no one would have to pay for medical needs. Then the poor will recruit rich people who want to be worshipped to run for their political party then………..then after the fat, purple gay dinosaur sings, no, wait I got a better idea. All American soldiers can wear dresses like MASH. Of course that did not work in MASH but in real life it should work…… Next time I will put more thought into my comment. Sorry

  8. Don Cox says :

    I think you stay until the Iraqi government says “Thanks guys, we don’t need you any more.”

  9. Salmons says :

    Kenny: Dude, that was frikkin’ awesome 😉

    Don: The average Iraqi wants us out, but the people we put in power want us to stay…funny, that.

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