Character piece

Recently, a captain was caught with a junior-enlisted female. She was busted down two grades, he was sent to our office.

Just the other day, he was caught again. She’s being chaptered out of the Army, he’s going up to Anaconda to work there.

He’s married with a newborn son. I asked him if he had told his wife.

“Yeah, I told her. She knows,” he said flatly. “Sucks, because her mom is dying of cancer…has about three weeks left. So, yeah, she’s got that.”

He’s been waiting for his flight up to his new job. Stripped of his weapon and relegated to just the latrine, his room, the office, and the DFAC, he stays in the office and watches television in the evenings. Laughing at “The Simpsons,” or “The Family Guy,” you’d never think the guy had been through what he had.

But then it didn’t seem like he was too concerned.

There’s a strange disconnect with that man. The sort of cool, calculating, sociopath sort of disconnect. That sort of creepy “sure there are rules, and I’m breaking them,” informed malice.

The other day, during “The Amazing Race,” he made the comment “My wife and I would be great on this show. We hate each other.”

He’ll just laugh. Maybe it’s how he deals with life. He laughs about being chewed out. He’ll laugh after a botched briefing, after dropping the ball for an awards ceremony. He’ll just chuckle, like it had been 20 years and he was looking back, telling a story to an old friend.

There’s someone he calls at night and talks to. The conversation is one of those lovey-dovey, flirty sort of calls. We’re all wondering if he’s still talking to this lover of his. Maybe there’s someone else.

I hope the wife is doing okay. Yikes, new kid, deadbeat father, dying mother. That’s quite a lot to work through.

As for the good captain, I’ll have to watch that one. Anyone that unfeeling makes me nervous.


About salemonz

Born in San Diego, Calif. Raised as a Navy Brat, I jumped ship and crossed over to the Army. Served as an enlisted journalist for a bunch of years, then helped the DoD figure out what the hell to do with social media. After the Army, now I drift down the river of life, trying not to be a jerk.

6 responses to “Character piece”

  1. ZNB says :

    It’s crazy how people deal with certain issues and situations. Laughing helps a lot of people. Although, he sounds a bit disconnected and uncaring, which as you mentioned makes you a bit nervous… as I’m sure anyone would feel around him. Hopefully he’ll get straightened out… hopefully the Army will do something.

  2. Beka says :

    I like how the enlisted chick gets demoted for being dumb, then kicked for continuing to be an idiot and break rules and he just gets moved around cause he’s a Capt. Nice. Some one please do his very stressed out wife a favor and give him and very dangerous job!! AWAY from female enlisted, hell…females in general! Watch your back til he’s outta there man.

  3. Salmons says :

    Yeah the punishments did seem a little one-sided, but I was out of that loop…Don’t know who admitted to what. It’s a messy business.

    What got me was the guy’s attitude. Geeez. And he’s a nice guy, someone I joked around with during his couple of weeks in our office. But if he’s willing to leave his wife and kid like that…capital “J” jerkface.

  4. Beka says :

    Strikes me all as really sad. The whole situation. He seems to feel no remorse towards either of those women and is just going on as if nothing happened. Sad. What makes people capable of going through life like that? With no feelings or thoughts on their actions?

  5. Sarah says :

    There was a company (Xerox I think) where it was standard that if they caught you in adultery (no matter where or with who) you were automatically fired.

    They figured if you’d cheat on your own spouse what would cause you to not cheat on the company you worked for?!

    True or Urban myth? I don’t know.

    And yea, the guy is a jerk but what about the female messing with a guy who’s already married?

  6. Salmons says :

    Oh geez, adultery is the norm in the service, Sarah. I’m sure some mil friends here can attest to that.

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