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As my time in the Army begins to draw to a close and as I finish my current educational endeavors, the time is coming to choose a path for the rest of my life. During my time on Earth, I’ve involved myself in several areas and have grown fairly competent in a few disciplines. But locking in a set career has been tricky. I decided to put up a poll. Help a brother out.

Current potential career paths include:

A) Air Force navigator / pilot (packet’s in, waiting for final confirmation)

B) Army officer (they’ll take anybody)

C) Journalism instructor (as a civilian at my military alma mater)

D) Newspaper editor (town or city paper…start small)

E) CIA agent (no, really)

F) Author (finally write that blasted book people keep telling me to get on with)

G) Entrepreneur (put that MBA to use, boyieee!)

H) TV news director (I love the rush, and I’m actually pretty good at it)

I) Radio station personality (I have a decent broadcast voice, razor wit and a face for radio)

J) Freelance graphic designer / photographer (carve out a niche; take no prisoners)

K) Clergy (use GI Bill to get a doctorate in divinity)

Ok, any input? Should I do ‘em all?


About salemonz

Born in San Diego, Calif. Raised as a Navy Brat, I jumped ship and crossed over to the Army. Served as an enlisted journalist for a bunch of years, then helped the DoD figure out what the hell to do with social media. After the Army, now I drift down the river of life, trying not to be a jerk.

11 responses to “Job poll”

  1. Beth* A. says :

    Wow, the diversity of your potential future careers is amazing! I’m impressed with the variety of your interests. You asked for input however, so here goes, FWIW:
    My Dad was an AF navigator, loved it (really wanted to fly, but poor eyesight then). All of the ones with writing involved look good. CIA? Really? Okay, cool. Had a friend who tried that, but they wouldn’t take her due to something in her military background – go figure! I think you’re spot on about the sharp wit so radio would be a blast I bet, for you. But, having read your last few posts, I think you would be inspirational in the clergy, Josh Salmons. So, imho, and knowing you only thru what you’ve written in this blog of yours, to narrow it down, step away from the military for a while, you deserve the break. Plus you’re young enough that it will be there waiting, from what friends have told me, if you decide to go back in. You’ve a creative spirit, Josh, let it soar for a while. But, as Dennis Miller says “that’s just my opinion and I could be wrong”. Pick what makes you happy.

  2. brogonzo says :

    I think with the CIA, you have to check your conscience at the door, so that’s probably a no-go for someone who’s also considering the clergy.

    I’d say follow your film-editing dreams and take up a job with that. You’ve got a clear eye for design and I think the happiest I ever saw you was when you were hunched over your laptop playing with FinalCut.

  3. salmons says :

    Beth: Hey, thanks 😉 You’re dead on. It’s best to get outside views on this stuff. I can’t see things from a good point of view when in the midst of it.

    And I do have time to come back in to the military — 10 years, actually 😉 They’ll take me up until I’m 35 or 36, and the Army will take me until I’m 40, so there you go.

    Brogonzo: Yeah, you’re right on the CIA thing. That’s always been one of those “I wanna be an astronaut/fireman/doctor aspirations. And you’re right again about FinalCut…mmmmmmm, film editing. Problem is, I’m so far behind the curve and out of practice. I’ll need to catch up.

  4. Beka says :

    Anyone else a little disappointed not to see exotic dancer on that list? No? Just me? Ok, wow, that was embarrassing…moving right along. (Just kidding people, seriously.)

    Which of those will have you waking up in the morning looking forward to going to work? Somehow I’m thinking getting up and climbing in to BDUs to prepare/watch the lastest Power Point in what ever country we have invaded of late is going to do it for ya.

  5. Papa Ray says :

    I think you should be a War Journalist in the manner of Michael Yon with the added flair of being an undercover spy for the CIA. Do that for a few years then on to the other things you listed (except for the pilot slot).

    Save the small town editor for next to last, followed by a clergy position in your twilight years.

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

  6. Pam says :

    Hey there… do what you love. Take pictures to go with that book you’ll eventually write… yes I think you’d write a decent book. Clergy, theres always that option, God will use you in whatever you decide to do. Someone once told me to go and do whatever you decide to do for His glory and you will be guided to what you need/should do. Love ya bro.

  7. finch says :

    honestly Josh my boy…i fairly positive that if i sent you a fresh copy of that DJ Shadow DVD you’d get that buzz that you got and run off and start making another short little flick thing (sorry not sure the terminology)…anyway – as Ian pointed out – that’s the most happiestest i’ve ever seen you dude…word!

  8. Sarah says :

    Why can’t you do them all? ok, not really possible. I think you’d make a great radio personality but then I don’t know you as well as these others.

    Newspaper editor would be cool too – maybe you could put a balance of news in. It seems nowadays quite a bit seems to be on one side or the other. There doesn’t seem to be a happy medium in news.

  9. Sarah says :

    I meant happy medium as giving both sides of a story not that I want happy news all the time.

  10. Bro. Floyd says :

    Joshman, you can do them all, and with your recent Army training all at the same time.

  11. salmonz says :

    Darn skippy, why not try ’em all? It’ll be like a buffet 😉

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