Beautiful days

This is my "at least I'm not putting up with officers at the moment" face.

This is my “at least I’m not putting up with officers at the moment” face.

Our unit motto is “Just Get It Done.”

It’s the attitude that drives us. Because we get it done – or ‘r done. We get ‘r done.

Wednesday morning:

“PAO!” the S1 shouted.

“Yes, sir?” I replied. My section sergeant was at a briefing, so I was in charge.

“We’re having a demonstration of escalation-of-force tonight. The colonel wants video of it.”

“Sir, we have no video cameras.”

“So coordinate with another brigade.”

“For when, sir?”

“Tonight! We need an answer to the colonel of ‘yes’ in three hours.”

“I’ll ask sir, but I can’t guarantee—”

“Just get it done!”

Whoa, ok. The only brigade with video equipment was newly arrived on North Taji and didn’t have phones yet. So it was a good hike up to their offices.

Their video camera was already committed on another assignment, but they did have a photographer with a night-vision lens that could help us out. We booked the photog and proceeded back home.

“Still photos? No video? Hmmmph!” the major said.

“It’s all we could get on short notice, sir.”


Doh! We didn’t get ‘r done.*

*Editors note: That night, in the rain, the loaned photographer dutifully made the hike down to our complex and we headed out to the site, just to find out the whole exercise had been cancelled. So who got it done? I’m confused.

Wednesday afternoon:

“PAO!” the S1 shouted.

“The colonel wants a copy of a video he saw when he was down south. Get it to him ASAP!”


I told my boss once she got back, and she was able to call a few people to find out just what the heck he saw, or where he was for that matter.

Turned out it was a picture slideshow of some unit’s family members back home, made for “a soldier’s wife,” set to a song called “I’m a soldier’s wife.” Typical “you’re the strength of America” sort of sappy stuff.

By the next day, a CD copy was on his desk. Whew! Point for the good guys.

Thursday morning:

“PAO!” the S1 shouted.

“Yes, sir?” I replied. At another of our myriad briefings, she was out and I was again doing my journalist thing, transcribing notes.

“The colonel wants you to edit that video and make it from our unit.”

“Sir, we don’t have the software to—”

“Just get it done!”

“But sir, I don’t have any way of—”

“Just get it done!”

So, hrmmm…I guess I could buy some illegal pirated software with my own money and get ‘r done.

What will happen? Will I get ‘r done?!?!?!?!!?

Tune in next time for the amazing, life-changing conclusion!!!


About salemonz

Born in San Diego, Calif. Raised as a Navy Brat, I jumped ship and crossed over to the Army. Served as an enlisted journalist for a bunch of years, then helped the DoD figure out what the hell to do with social media. After the Army, now I drift down the river of life, trying not to be a jerk.

6 responses to “Beautiful days”

  1. BourbonBird says :

    I’m nervous for you! Good luck!

    PS. It’s nice to see they’re realistic about their expectations, these Army lads.

  2. J Hearne says :

    It’s good to see your reading list. There are some good books on there. My prayers are with you and yours.

  3. ZNB says :

    Hey buddy… maybe this will help in your venture! Good luck!

  4. maggie says :

    hey, sounds like a lot of negative lately. I am sorry to hear that. I hope there is some sort of positive or sense of a rewarding job for you to take home. My experience there was very positive, I lugged the water, and guarded the “haji’s”. But also met amazing people, accomplished amazing things, and had a sense of reward at the end of the day. Our jobs, or the one I used to do, are completely different so of course things are viewed differently among a myriad of other reasons. But I think there are positive things going on too.

  5. Lopermania says :

    That’s incredible. How do you do it? 199 Days left for me and then back to the corporate officers. They say “Get it done or your fired!”, but usually it’s something you have no problem accomplishing and you end up with a bunch of recognition you really don’t deserve. You’ll Love It!

  6. salmons says :

    Hey all, sorry for the delay. Our Internet has been hosed lately, but hopefully it’s more on track.

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